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  • galactorrhea

    Excessive production of breast milk.

  • galactosemia

    A disease present at birth caused by a genetic lack of an enzyme needed to metabolize galactose into glucose. May…

  • gall

    The bile produced in the liver and stored in the gallbladder.

  • gallbladder

    The storage sac for bile, located below the liver.

  • gallstone

    A stone-like mass that forms in the gallbladder.

  • gamma globulin

    Blood protein that contains most antibodies. Used in the temporary prevention of hepatitis and as treatment for disorders with antibody…

  • ganglion cyst

    A benign, knot-like, cystic tumor on a tendon sheath.

  • gangrene

    The decay of body tissue in a part of the body where the blood supply is obstructed by injury or…

  • gastric

    Having to do with the stomach.

  • gastritis

    Inflammation of the stomach lining.

  • gastroenteritis

    Inflammation of the stomach and the intestines, usually producing symptoms of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

  • gastrointestinal

    Having to do with the stomach and intestines.

  • gene

    A unit of heredity located on a chromosome.

  • generic

    1. General; typical; not specific. 2. Medicine that’s not a name brand.

  • genetic

    Hereditary. Having to do with the genes.

  • genitalia

    The reproductive organs.

  • genitourinary system

    The genitals and urinary organs.

  • geriatrics

    The branch of medicine devoted to the elderly.

  • germ

    A disease-causing microorganism.

  • German measles

    A mild childhood disease that causes fever and rash. Although rubella is mild in childhood, it’s dangerous to pregnant women…

  • gestation

    The period of development within the uterus from conception to birth.