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  • vaccination

    Inoculation with weakened or dead microorganisms to develop immunity and prevent disease caused by the regular strain of that…

  • vaccine

    A preparation of killed or weakened microorganisms, given to treat or prevent disease.

  • vagina

    The muscular canal in women between the vulva and the uterus. It serves as the entry for spermatozoa and as…

  • vaginismus

    Painful spasm of the vagina.

  • varicocele

    Dilated veins in the spermatic cord above or around the testis that can cause decreased sperm production on the affected…

  • varicose veins

    Swollen, distended veins especially visible in the legs.

  • vas deferens

    The duct through which sperm travels from the testicle to the urethra of the penis.

  • vascular

    Of or having vessels, particularly the blood vessels.

  • vasculitis

    Inflammation of the walls of the small blood vessels.

  • vasectomy

    Surgical removal or tying of the vas deferens to prevent the passing of sperm. Used as a form of birth…

  • vasoconstriction

    Causing the narrowing or closing (constriction) of blood vessels.

  • vasodilation

    Causing the widening or opening (dilation) of blood vessels.

  • vector

    An animal that spreads an infectious agent from one host to another. Also called a carrier.

  • vein

    A vessel that carries blood from the various parts of the body to the heart.

  • venom

    A toxin secreted by an animal.

  • venous

    Having to do with a vein.

  • ventricle

    1. Either of the two chambers that contract to pump blood from the heart. 2. Any of several small fluid-filled…

  • verruca

    A small, hard, abnormal growth of the skin or mucous membranes caused by a virus.

  • vertebrae

    The bones that make up the spine.

  • vertigo

    A spinning sensation often accompanied by mild to severe nausea.

  • vesicle

    1. A small, sac-like cavity. 2. A blister.