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  • wart

    A small, hard, abnormal growth of the skin or mucous membranes caused by a virus.

  • wheal

    A pimple or small itchy elevation of the skin caused by an allergen.

  • wheeze

    A whistling or squeaky breathing sound caused by the narrowing (constriction) or blocking of the airway.

  • whiplash

    An injury of the neck or spine due to a sudden, severe bending of the neck.

  • whooping cough

    A serious infectious respiratory disease of children. Named for the distinctive whooping sound made by the patient after a coughing…

  • Wilms' tumor

    A rapidly growing tumor of the kidney found in children.

  • Wilson's disease

    A rare, inherited disorder that occurs when copper pools in the red blood cells. May cause tremors, muscle rigidity, speech…

  • withdrawal

    The act or process of giving up the use of a drug to which one has become addicted or…

  • wrist

    The joint or part of the arm between the hand and the forearm.