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  • bradycardia

    Slow heart rate and pulse, usually slower than 60 beats per minute.

  • Braxton Hicks contractions

    Contractions of the uterus during pregnancy that are sometimes mistaken for labor. Also called false labor.

  • breasts

    Milk-secreting glands protruding from the upper front part of a woman’s body.

  • breech birth

    A birth in which the feet or buttocks of the baby appear first through the birth canal.

  • bridge

    A structure that joins two parts. For example, a dental bridge contains artificial teeth and joins the natural teeth at…

  • Bright's disease

    Nephritis. A group of kidney diseases manifested by albumin in the urine and edema (swelling).

  • bronchi

    The tubular passages, also called bronchial tubes, that carry air into the lungs.

  • bronchiolitis

    An infection of the bronchioles, the tiny air tubes in the lungs.

  • bronchitis

    Inflammation of the bronchi.

  • bronchospasm

    Contraction of the muscle in the walls of the bronchi.

  • bronze diabetes

    A disorder of iron metabolism resulting in iron pigment deposits in the skin and other body tissues that causes a…

  • brucellosis

    An infection characterized by fluctuating fever, headache, anemia and vague physical discomfort that’s transmitted to humans from domesticated goats, pigs…

  • bruise

    Discoloration of the skin due to a buildup of blood in the underlying soft tissues. Also called a contusion.

  • bruxism

    Grinding of the teeth.

  • bubo

    A swollen, infected lymph node (especially in the groin). The node may enlarge enough that it begins to drain through…

  • Buerger's disease

    Blockage of medium-sized blood vessels in the hands and feet by clotting and inflammation. This process causes severe pain and…

  • bulimia

    An eating disorder characterized by binge eating followed by vomiting or use of laxatives. Usually caused by a variety of…

  • bunion

    Localized swelling of the big toe at its joint with the foot.

  • bursa

    A small, fluid-filled sac that allows one part of a joint to move freely over another part.

  • bursitis

    Inflammation of a bursa.