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  • hemiplegia

    Paralysis (loss of feeling or movement) of one side of the body.

  • hemochromatosis

    A disorder of iron metabolism characterized by excessive amounts of iron in the skin, liver and other tissues.

  • hemoglobin

    The oxygen-carrying molecule in red blood cells.

  • hemolysis

    The destruction of red blood cells.

  • hemophilia

    An inherited disorder, nearly always in males, in which one of the normal blood-clotting factors is deficient.

  • hemoptysis

    A cough that produces blood.

  • hemorrhage

    Severe bleeding, usually from damage to a blood vessel.

  • hemorrhoid

    An enlarged vein inside or just outside the rectum.

  • hemostasis

    Control of bleeding.

  • hepatic

    Having to do with the liver.

  • hepatitis

    Inflammation or infection of the liver.

  • heredity

    Transmission of genetic traits from parents to children.

  • hermaphrodite

    A person with both male and female sex organs.

  • hernia

    An abnormal protrusion of part of an organ through an abnormal opening.

  • herpes

    A recurring viral skin infection characterized by clusters of small blisters. Typically, sores are located near the mouth (fever blisters…

  • heterosexual

    Having to do with the opposite sex.

  • hexachlorophene

    A detergent that kills germs.

  • hiccup

    A sudden, involuntary spasm of the diaphragm. The sound of hiccups is caused by the sudden intake of air.

  • hidradenitis

    Inflammation of the sweat glands.

  • hip

    The part of the body surrounding the joint between the femur and pelvic bones.

  • hirsutism

    Excessive hair growth, usually on the face and chest. Often caused by an imbalance in hormones.