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  • intracellular

    Within a cell.

  • intradermal

    Within the skin.

  • intramuscular

    Within the muscle.

  • intrauterine

    Within the womb.

  • intravenous

    Within a vein. Intravenous infusion means to direct fluids through a needle or catheter directly into a vein.

  • intussusception

    Telescoping a section of the intestine into an adjoining section.

  • iris

    The colored portion of the eye. It’s a muscle that controls the amount of light entering the pupil.

  • iritis

    Inflammation of the iris.

  • irrigation

    Washing of a body cavity or wound with a stream of water.

  • ischemia

    A lack of blood supply to a body part.

  • IUD

    Intrauterine device. Used for contraception.

  • IV


  • IVP

    Intravenous pyelography.