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  • lichen

    Any of various skin diseases characterized by sores and enlarged skin markings.

  • ligament

    A tough band of connective tissue connecting bones or holding organs in place.

  • ligature

    A wire or thread used to tie off blood vessels or to close incisions or wounds.

  • lightening

    The feeling of decreased abdominal pressure during the last few weeks of pregnancy caused by the uterus dropping into the…

  • limbus

    Margin, or border. The margin of the cornea where it contacts the sclera.

  • lingua


  • lipid

    Cholesterol, triglycerides and related substances.

  • lipocyte

    A fat cell.

  • lipolysis

    The splitting up, or destruction, of fat.

  • lipoma

    Fatty tumor.

  • lipoprotein

    Any of a group of proteins combined with a lipid that allow lipids to be transported in the circulatory…

  • liposuction

    A surgical procedure that changes body shape by removing fat cells.

  • litholysis

    Breaking up of a stone, such as a gallstone.

  • lithotripsy

    A procedure to break up kidney stones into smaller pieces that can more easily pass out of the body.

  • liver

    The large organ in the upper right abdomen that functions in digestion and storage of food, disposal of worn-out red…

  • lobe

    1. The fleshy lower part of the ear. 2. A well-defined portion of an organ.

  • lobectomy

    Surgical removal of the lobe of an organ.

  • lobotomy

    A surgical operation in which a lobe of the brain, especially the frontal lobe of the cerebrum, is cut into…

  • lochia

    The discharge from the vagina that occurs for several days to weeks after childbirth.

  • lockjaw

    Tetanus infection.

  • loins

    The portion of the back between the rib cage and pelvis.