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  • sphygmomanometer

    An instrument for measuring blood pressure. An inflatable blood-pressure cuff.

  • spina bifida

    A birth defect caused by imperfect closure of part of the spinal column, exposing some of the nervous system.

  • spirochete

    Spiral-shaped bacteria.

  • spleen

    The blood-forming and -storing organ located under the ribs in the upper left portion of the abdomen.

  • splenomegaly

    Enlargement of the spleen.

  • splint

    A device for holding broken or injured parts in place.

  • spondylitis

    Inflammation of the vertebrae.

  • spondylosis

    Narrowing of the spinal column resulting in reduction of the spaces between the vertebrae which may cause compression of the…

  • sprain

    A twisting or stretching injury of a ligament or muscle of a joint, with or without dislocating a bone.

  • spur

    A projecting body. For example, from a bone.

  • sputum

    Mucus secreted by the lungs, bronchi and trachea that’s ejected by coughing or clearing the throat.

  • stapedectomy

    Surgical removal of the stapes.

  • stapedioplasty

    Replacement of the stapes with other materials (wire, bone, plastic).

  • stapes

    A small bone of the middle ear. Also called the stirrup.

  • stenosis

    Narrowing of a body passage or opening.

  • sterile

    1. Free from living microorganisms. 2. Unable to have children.

  • sternum

    The breastbone.

  • Stevens-Johnson reaction

    An inflammatory disease characterized by rapid attack of fever, skin blisters and sores on the lips, eyes, mouth, nasal passage…

  • stoma

    1. Mouth-like opening. 2. An opening used for drainage.

  • stomatitis

    Inflammation of the mucosa of the mouth.

  • stool

    Feces, or bowel movement.