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  • hordeolum

    Inflammation of a gland on the eyelid. Also called a stye.

  • hormone

    A substance formed in an organ of the body and carried by body fluids to another organ or tissue, where…

  • host

    An organism that harbors and provides sustenance for another organism.

  • housemaid's knee

    Swelling just below the kneecap, caused by the buildup of fluid in response to the constant pressure of kneeling.

  • humerus

    The bone in the upper arm.

  • humidifier

    A device for adding moisture to the air.

  • Huntington's chorea

    A hereditary form of chorea (sudden, jerky motions of the arms or other parts of the body) that usually affects…

  • hydatid

    A cyst containing watery fluid and the larvae of certain tapeworms.

  • hydatid disease

    Infection with the larvae (cysts) of certain tapeworms.

  • hydatidiform mole

    A cystic tumor of the placental tissues of an abnormal pregnancy. Complications of this disorder include bleeding and infection.

  • hydrocele

    A painless swelling of the scrotum caused by the buildup of fluid in the outer covering of the testes.

  • hydrocephalus

    An enlargement of the head caused by the buildup of fluid within the ventricles of the brain. Also called “water…

  • hygiene

    The science of health and its maintenance.

  • hymen

    The membrane partly or completely closing the opening to the vagina.

  • hyperbaric

    Characterized by greater-than-normal pressure. Hyperbaric oxygen is a therapeutic treatment designed to increase blood oxygen by delivering oxygen in a…

  • hyperemesis gravidarum

    Excessive morning sickness.

  • hyperglycemic

    High blood sugar.

  • hyperparathyroidism

    A condition caused by the overexcretion of parathyroid hormone resulting in changes in the bone and an elevated level of…

  • hypertension

    Abnormally high blood pressure.

  • hyperthyroidism

    Overproduction of thyroid hormone.

  • hyperventilation

    Rapid or deep breathing producing faintness, numbness, chest pain, apprehension and tingling, and spasms of the extremities.