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  • myalgia

    Muscle pain.

  • mute

    An inability or unwillingness to speak.

  • mutation

    A damaged gene that may produce a disease or deficiency.

  • muscle

    Tissue made up of bundles of long, slender cells that contract when stimulated.

  • murmur

    An extra heart sound that may be normal or abnormal.

  • mumps

    A viral disease of childhood characterized by swelling of the parotid (salivary) glands and fever.

  • mucosa

    The membrane covering canals and cavities that open on the outside of the body, such as the gastrointestinal tract and…

  • MRI

    Magnetic resonance imaging.

  • morning sickness

    Nausea and vomiting occurring during pregnancy.

  • morbid

    1. Pathologic or abnormal. 2. Having to do with, or characterized by, disease.

  • mononucleosis

    An infection with Epstein-Barr virus. Also called “mono.”

  • monocyte

    A large white blood cell leukocyte.

  • mongolism

    A condition present at birth characterized by mental deficiency, a broad face and slanting eyes. Also called Down syndrome.

  • molluscum contagiosum

    A viral infection of the skin characterized by lesions with depressed centers containing a curd-like substance.

  • mole

    1. A fleshy, pigmented skin blemish. 2. A mass of uterine tissue formed by a failure of the normal fertilization…

  • mittelschmerz

    Pelvic pain between periods, corresponding to the release of an ovum (egg) by an ovary.

  • mitral valve

    The valve of the heart between the left atrium and left ventricle that prevents the flow of blood back into…

  • miscarriage

    Natural loss of a fetus from the womb before it is sufficiently developed to survive. Also called spontaneous abortion.

  • miliaria

    Prickly heat or “heat rash” as a result of inflammation of the sweat glands and characterized by small, white or…

  • milia

    Pinhead-sized whitish skin lesions found on the face or trunk of some newborn infants.

  • migraine

    A group of symptoms that includes a severe headache, usually on one side of the head, and often accompanied by…