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  • phenylalanine

    An essential amino acid occurring in proteins. A small amount of phenylalanine is necessary in the diet to make the…

  • pharynx

    The cavity of the canal leading from the mouth and nasal passages to the larynx and the esophagus.

  • pharyngitis

    Inflammation of the pharynx. Also called a sore throat.

  • pharmacist

    A person licensed to mix and dispense drugs.

  • phagomania

    An obsession with eating.

  • phagocyte

    Any cell that destroys invading microorganisms.

  • gonad

    A sex gland (ovary or testis).

  • fetus

    The unborn baby from the end of the eighth week after fertilization of the egg to birth.

  • fetal

    Having to do with the fetus.

  • fertility

    The ability to have children.

  • femoral

    Having to do with the femur.

  • fatigue

    Physical or mental exhaustion. Weariness.

  • fascia

    Fibrous sheets of tissue connecting or covering the muscles.

  • contrast medium

    A substance used in x-ray studies to aid in showing internal structures.

  • bursa

    A small, fluid-filled sac that allows one part of a joint to move freely over another part.

  • bunion

    Localized swelling of the big toe at its joint with the foot.

  • afterbirth

    The placenta, which is attached to the fetus by the umbilical cord and must be delivered after the baby.

  • expectorant

    A substance that loosens mucus so it’s more easily cleared from the respiratory passages.

  • exocrine glands

    Glands that secrete chemicals externally, either through a tube or duct.

  • excise

    To remove by cutting.

  • eustachian tube

    The narrow tube connecting the nose and middle ear to allow air pressure in the middle ear to equalize with…