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  • prescription

    A physician’s written direction for preparation and use of a medicine.

  • presbyopia

    A form of farsightedness occurring after middle age. Caused by a loss of elasticity of the crystalline lens with…

  • prepuce

    A covering fold of skin, such as the foreskin of the penis.

  • premenstrual syndrome

    PMS. Headache, irritability, edema (swelling), abdominal discomfort, pelvic pain and nausea in the days before the start of the menstrual…

  • preeclampsia

    A complication of pregnancy. The development of hypertension with protein in the urine, buildup of fluid (edema) or both.

  • postpartum

    After childbirth.

  • postoperative

    After surgery.

  • posterior

    At or toward the back.

  • pore

    A small opening.

  • popliteal

    Having to do with the area behind the knee.

  • pons

    A piece of connecting tissue, specifically the bridge of white matter at the base of the brain.

  • polyuria

    Excessive, frequent urination.

  • polypectomy

    Surgical removal of a polyp.

  • polyp

    A growth extending outward from a mucous membrane.

  • polyhidrosis

    Excessive sweating.

  • polydipsia

    Excessive thirst.

  • polydactyly

    Extra fingers or toes.

  • polycythemia

    Abnormal increase in the number of red blood cells or hematocrit.

  • pollen

    The male fertilizing element of flowering plants.

  • poliomyelitis

    An acute, infectious disease that attacks the central nervous system. Sometimes causes paralysis that can result in permanent deformities. Vaccines…

  • poison

    A substance that causes illness or death when eaten, drunk or absorbed into the body.