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  • puerperium

    The period of time just after childbirth.

  • pulmonary

    Having to do with the lungs.

  • pulse

    The heartbeat as felt through the walls of an artery.

  • puncture

    A wound produced by a pointed object.

  • pupil

    The opening in the center of the iris.

  • purpura

    Movement of blood into the soft tissues, producing bruises.

  • purulent

    Containing pus.

  • pus

    A thick fluid produced in certain infections.

  • pustule

    A small pus-containing blister.

  • pyelitis

    Inflammation of the urine-collecting system within the kidney.

  • pyelonephritis

    Kidney infection.

  • pylorus

    The junction of the stomach and the small intestine.

  • pyodermatitis

    Skin infection producing pus.

  • pyridoxine

    Vitamin B6, sometimes used to treat nausea in pregnancy or to manage premenstrual syndrome symptoms.

  • pyrogen

    Something that causes fever.