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  • pinna

    The part of the ear that’s projected outside of the head.

  • pinworm

    A parasite, Enterobius vermicularis, that can cause intense itching around the anus.

  • pituitary gland

    The gland that secretes hormones that influence body growth, metabolism and the function of other endocrine glands.

  • pityriasis

    A skin condition in which the skin forms thin, dry scales.

  • placebo

    A harmless substance that resembles a medicine; often used to test the effectiveness of medicines.

  • placenta

    A spongy structure that grows on the uterine wall during pregnancy and provides nutrition to the fetus.

  • plague

    1. Any contagious epidemic disease that is deadly. 2. An infectious disease caused by Yersinia pestis that can be spread…

  • plantar

    Having to do with the sole of the foot.

  • plasma

    The fluid portion of the blood.

  • platelet

    A thrombocyte, the smallest of the formed components of blood, associated with blood clotting.

  • pleura

    The membrane surrounding the lungs and lining the walls of the chest cavity.

  • pleurisy

    Inflammation of the pleura.

  • plexus

    A network of nerves or veins.

  • plumbism

    Chronic lead poisoning.

  • pneumoconiosis

    Any of several lung diseases caused by inhaling particles of industrial substances.

  • pneumonia

    Acute inflammation or infection of the lungs.

  • pneumothorax

    The buildup of air or gas in the chest cavity. May cause lung collapse.

  • podiatry

    The branch of medicine that pertains to the foot and its ailments.

  • poison

    A substance that causes illness or death when eaten, drunk or absorbed into the body.

  • poliomyelitis

    An acute, infectious disease that attacks the central nervous system. Sometimes causes paralysis that can result in permanent deformities. Vaccines…

  • pollen

    The male fertilizing element of flowering plants.