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  • pediculosis

    Infestation with lice.

  • pelvis

    The bony structure formed by the sacrum, coccyx, ilium, pubis and ischium.

  • pemphigus

    A skin condition characterized by large blisters.

  • pepsin

    A digestive enzyme found in the stomach.

  • peptic

    Having to do with the stomach.

  • percutaneous

    Introduced through the skin.

  • perforation

    A hole or break through a membrane or the wall of an organ.

  • pericarditis

    Inflammation of the sac that surrounds the heart.

  • pericardium

    The fibrous sac the heart.

  • perineum

    The pelvic floor. In females, the region from the vagina to the anus. In males, the region from the base…

  • periodontitis

    Inflammation of the tissues around the teeth.

  • periosteum

    The connective tissue covering the bones of the body.

  • peripheral

    At or near the surface of the body. Located away from the center structure.

  • peristalsis

    The waves of contraction and relaxation of the smooth muscle of the digestive tract.

  • peritoneum

    The membrane lining the walls of the abdominal and pelvic cavity.

  • peritonitis

    Inflammation of the peritoneum.

  • pernicious


  • pernicious anemia

    Anemia due to vitamin B12 deficiency.

  • pertussis

    A serious infectious respiratory disease of children. Named for the distinctive whooping sound made by the patient after a coughing…

  • petit mal

    A mild seizure with a momentary loss of consciousness.

  • phagocyte

    Any cell that destroys invading microorganisms.