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  • phagomania

    An obsession with eating.

  • pharmacist

    A person licensed to mix and dispense drugs.

  • pharyngitis

    Inflammation of the pharynx. Also called a sore throat.

  • pharynx

    The cavity of the canal leading from the mouth and nasal passages to the larynx and the esophagus.

  • phenylalanine

    An essential amino acid occurring in proteins. A small amount of phenylalanine is necessary in the diet to make the…

  • phenylketonuria (PKU)

    A rare inherited disorder. Causes an inability to metabolize phenylalanine, an amino acid that’s a common part of many proteins…

  • phimosis

    Excessive tightness of the foreskin of the penis.

  • phlebitis

    Inflammation of a vein.

  • phlebotomy

    Withdrawal of blood from a vein.

  • phlegm

    Mucus, especially mucus produced by the lungs during inflammation or infection.

  • phobia

    Any persistent, unreasonable abnormal fear.

  • phonation

    Making vocal sounds.

  • photophobia

    Abnormal intolerance of light.

  • physician

    A doctor. An authorized practitioner of medicine.

  • physiology

    The branch of medicine that deals with the function of the various parts of the living organism.

  • pigeon toe

    A foot condition where the toes turn in.

  • piles

    An enlarged vein inside or just outside the rectum.

  • pilus


  • pimple

    A small, elevated skin lesion

  • pinguecula

    A yellowish spot on the cornea of the eye that sometimes occurs in the elderly.

  • pink eye

    Inflammation of the conjunctiva. Also called conjunctivitis.